Shipping Details

View shipping details

In the Shipping Details section, you can view information about the address the order was shipped to and the shipping method.

The section displays the following:

  • The address or addresses to which the order was shipped.
  • The shipping method.
  • A Track Shipments button.

View tracking references

The items in an order may be shipped in one or more packages. You may need to track these shipments to determine their status. The Agent Console provides information on each of the packages associated with an order.

To track the packages:

  1. Search for the order.
  2. Under Shipping Details, click Track Shipments. The Tracking Shipments dialog appears, showing the name of the carrier or carriers and a tracking reference link for each package.
  3. Click the link for the package you are investigating.

The link directs you to the carrier site where the information on the chosen package is displayed. The number of lines in the Tracking Shipment dialog corresponds to the number of packages associated with the order.