1TB Seagate Barracuda 1000GB SATA (ST1000DM010)


Form factor3.5 “
rotational speed7200rpm
Power consumption5.3W (operation), 4.6W (idle)
volumenot specified (operation), not specified (idle)
Admission procedureConventional Magnetic Recording (CMR)
Sectors4KB with emulation (512e)
Data protection functionsN / A
Manufacturer guaranteetwo years
NoteUnlabelled OEM / System Builder hard drives in circulation. Reduced guarantee possible. Manufacturer’s guarantee can be checked via the serial number .
ImportantFor use within a RAID network, hard disks with different recording methods (CMR, SMR) should not be combined. When using hard disks with SMR in a RAID system, make sure that the RAID controller (or the NAS system) is compatible with SMR hard disks so that the partially blocked recording behavior with the SMR is not mistakenly labeled as “hardware Defect “to interpret.


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